Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris’s debut album, with the subtle title I Created Disco”, cost $0 to record. He fashions future-disco using an ancient Amiga computer knocking together live sets using MDF and 204 samples. “My live band’s gonna be even more rocking than the tunes. I’ll be singing and I’ve got an extremely limited range. But I will be wearing a top hat made from the skin of a tiger.” Calvin Harris is one of those ‘myspace sensations’ you keep reading about. Calvin Harris will make you jump around. And if you let him, he might also make you cry. “I’ve made a lot of miserable tunes – I’ve got an album worth of depressing chords. I’ve not got any lyrics, like.”Calvin Harris has his own label, FlyEye, and a manifesto, innit. “Disco disappeared, didn’t it Everyone got sick of it. Now I’m reviving it, with space goggles, or something.”