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Oct 26th, 2017


Who: Tomasz Guiddo
Where: Shenzhen
Sounds like: eclectic mixture of deep house, techno and Balearic beat

For the first time ever, stories from Shenzhen, a sprawling yet silent city just across the bay from Hong Kong, have begun to permeate through the international electronic music community and Tomasz Guiddo has been a major force in the storm brewing over there. The DJ, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound designer and radio journalist is a booker and resident DJ at Pepper Club, one of the city’s seminal dance music clubs, co-owner of Lavo Jazz Bar, co-founder of VINYLHOUSE Recordstore, music director of Shark Lounge and one of the curators of ChoP sound-art festival.

His unique and eclectic mixture of house, techno, disco, Balearic beat and nu-jazz perfectly echoes a music driven childhood of many melting pots. Tomasz grew up a guitarist and his early days were spent immersed in the very polar worlds of jazz, flamenco and heavy metal with music production dating back to primary school. When Jazz Radio Warsaw began playing DJ sets, he saw them as a source of inspiration in their seamless and fluid continuity but it wasn’t until a random trip to Tresor (at the age of 15) where something happened that until today, Tomasz can’t find the words to describe. But the next day, he went East Berlin and bought his first techno record: X-101 ‘Sonic Destroyer’.

He eventually moved to Berlin and then China with both city’s further influencing his style and sound as well as his live show where he uses sequencers, synthesizers and processed instruments that’s taken him from Berghain in Berlin to MoMA in New York, Love Parade in Berlin all the way to Kyo in Kuala Lumpur, Woobar in Bali and Potato Head/Hong Kong. His production catalogue sees solo tracks and remixes for Compost, Sonar Kollektiv and Beats In Space and recent collaborations also include names like Jamie Lidell, Ursula Rucker, Louie Austen, Kasar, Georges Perin.

We needed to place a face behind the stories so we threw 20 questions at Tomasz and he came back 20 eloquent answers and a mix. Get to know Shenzhen through the eyes of Tomasz Guiddo via the link below.



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